Zandu Lean & Slim – Enriched with the Goodness of 6 Herbs to Help You in Weight Loss Journey | Acts as a Metabolism Booster & Supports Weight Management- (60 Veg Capsules)

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Are you looking for ways to maintain healthy weight? Ayurvedic ancient books have mentioned a number of herbs acting on the digestive system and body metabolism while acting as a natural appetite suppressant. These herbs due to their therapeutic action would help to manage appetite, improve digestion and helps in weight management. Zandu R & D has developed a product – Lean and Slim, containing ingredients acting as natural appetite suppressant & metabolism booster. It can always be nerve-wracking to find the right and effective weight loss diet along with the right kind of supplements including weight loss tablets / weight loss capsules. Zandu Lean & Slim capsule is enriched with the goodness of Garcinia and 5 selected herbs that helps suppress heavy appetite, improves metabolism and is useful in weight management. Garcinia helps to suppress pseudo (unusual) appetite and lowers fat deposition in the body. Trikatu & Mesashringi acts as a metabolism booster while the other Ayurvedic ingredient like Sunthi & Marich helps in enhancing digestion. To help you take care of your daily health needs conveniently, we bring you Zandu Lean & Slim Capsules.
Acts as Metabolism Booster: It is enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients that help boost metabolism naturally.
Regular consumption: Daily Consumption of this lean & slim capsule acting as metabolism booster helps in weight management and supports digestion, thereby contributing towards an overall healthy and active lifestyle.
Unadulterated and Natural: Lean & slim capsules are packed with natural extracts of herbs in their unaltered and natural composition without any added flavours, colourants and sugars.
110 years of Ayurvedic legacy: Zandu incorporates 110 years of Ayurvedic wisdom into convenient solutions and brings holistic healthcare solutions to your cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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