Yogabar Creamy Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Slow Roasted in Small Batches, Non-GMO Premium Peanuts – 1kg

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Slowly does it. Our unhurried method of making butter brings increased flavour and maximum nutrition. Because good things come to those who wait. There’s mass-produced butter and then there’s our butter. Lovingly made, carefully prepared… it’s special, and when you taste it, you know exactly why. Our newest offering has all the hallmarks of our oldest products. The best and most premium ingredients. 100% pure protein. It’s everything you’ve come to love. The ingredients are 100% natural. The flavours are 100% natural. The taste is 100% natural. Because that’s just the way it should be. We are generous. Our products are stuffed with nutrients, with all the ingredients that’s good for you, in all the quantities that’s right for you. We are yummy. If you think healthy can’t be absolutely delicious, do we have a surprise for you. Take a bite and savour the yum. You’ll love it. We are clean. No gluten. No processed sugar. No preservatives. No chemicals. No artificial anything. Just good, clean food. That’s a promise. Introducing Yogabar Choco Spread Almond Butter – the healthiest Nut Butter to give your mornings a nourishing kickstart. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients, contains 70% Almonds + Milk Proteins + Super Seeds, is loaded with Probiotics for better gut health and has 80% less sugar than leading cocoa spread brands. Don’t you love starting the day with something delicious, nourishing, and filled with only the good stuff? Use it as a chocolate spread over your toast, or add a spoonful of it to your healthy milkshake or smoothie. But that’s not all. Yogabar Almond Butter is also good with your breakfast oatmeal or with keto cookies for a 4pm healthy snack. With the goodness of Dark Chocolate, Yogabar Protein Spread Almond Butter is a healthy cocoa spread as well. We are clean : Gluten Free. Processed sugar free. 80% Less Sugar than leading brands: No processed sugar, free from preservatives. No chemicals. No artificial anything. Just good, clean food.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made from Premium non-GMO Peanuts, contains no hydrogenated or palm oil, preservatives or stabilizers.
PACKED WITH PROTEIN: Each serving contains 26% Protein, High in fibre, Zero Trans fat, Zero Cholesterol. No Added Salt.
VEGAN & KETO FRIENDLY: With no dairy, and 8g protein per serving, Yogabar is the best vegan peanut butter out there.
Spread on bread, add to your protein smoothie, oatmeal, baked cookies, use as salad dressing or as dip with our favorite fruit slices.

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