Swisse Vegan Calcium + Vitamin D3 for Immunity, Stronger Bones & Muscles – 60 Tablets (Manufactured In Australia, Vegan Source Calcium Supplement For Higher Absorption)

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Swisse is a health and wellness company founded in 1969 with the mission to help people celebrate life every day. Swisse Vegan Ultiboost Calcium + Vitamin D, 60 tablets are made from advanced and superior formulations based on scientific evidence to provide two beneficial nutrients in a convenient dosage. The Swisse Vegan Ultiboost Calcium + Vitamin D supplements are a multi-nutrient formula, high in calcium citrate, vitamin D3, derived from natural Plant source, that makes it Vegan, and Lycine for better absorption. It helps support bone density, healthy teeth, promotes absorption of calcium, enhances muscle function. With age, metabolism of calcium & vitamin D gets altered that may result in bone fracture, Swisse Vegan Ultiboost calcium + Vitamin D supplements supports bone and revitalises the body’s overall health and strength.
Bone & Teeth : Calcium and Vitamin D supplement supports healthy bone density, teeth, may enhance muscle support & supports overall immunity. The tablets are made of Calcium- citrate tetrahydrate form, the purest form of calcium.
Increased Absorption: Formulated with naturally derived vitamin D3 The Swisse Calcium and Vitamin D tablets contain Lysine, an amino acid that helps in faster absorption of Calcium and promotes absorption and delivery of calcium to the bone. Research shows that Calcium absorption is as important as Calcium consumption
Swisse Vegan Calcium + Vitamin D supplement provides far advanced formulation of calcium with Calcium citrate tetrahydrate form, with added Lysine, compared to any other supplement sold in market in the same category.
Hypocalcemia: Hypercalcaemia or Calcium deficiency occurs when the blood has low levels of calcium. Long-term deficiency can lead to dental changes, cataracts, alterations in the brain & osteoporosis. Research suggests that including Calcium with zinc and magnesium assists in strengthening skeletal system.

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