Open Secret Crunchy Peanut Butter|Sweetened with Jaggery|High Protein|85% Peanuts |No Refined Sugar INo Added Oil |No Preservatives |No Trans Fat | Dairy Free|Natural|Eco friendly glass jar | 295 g

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peanut butter
INGREDIENTS : 85% Peanuts | No Refined Sugar I No Added Oil | No Preservatives | Protein Packed | No Trans Fat | Vegan | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Sweetened with Jaggery | Vegetarian
IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Nuts have immunity boosting properties and are great source of nutrients like Vitamins, Manganese, Calcium, etc
PROTEIN PACKED: One spoon of this delicious spread is full of protein
WHAT DO YOU GET : Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread in an eco friendly glass jar (100% Plastic Free)

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