MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein With Digestive Enzymes (With Whey Protein), Double Chocolate 1Kg (2.2lb)

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RECOVERY+STRENGTH+PERFORMANCE : These are the only things you expect as a beginner when you finally decide to consume it after hearing hundreds of suggestions. Musclexp Beginner’s Protein does just that for you! This supplement fulfils all your needs and lives upto your expectations. This not only boosts the growth of lean muscle mass but provides you with countless other benefits such as supporting the maintenance of good blood pressure, stimulating muscle growth, lowering harmful cholesterol levels and other infinite benefits. This supplement is specially crafted by our experts for beginners, keeping in mind their expectations and requirements. Moreover, its unimaginable chocolaty taste is undoubtedly the cherry on the cake, making this product fit to consume in every aspect.


362.5 kcal Energy

Each scoop of the supplement provides you with a significant amount of energy that gives you a magnificent boost when you are hitting the gym or doing any other cardiovascular activity.

40g Protein

With boosting muscle mass, protein provides your body with countless other benefits, such as helping in stabilizing blood sugar levels, improving your mood, maintaining strong bones, and keeping the list going

45g Carbs

Carbs are widely known to be an evident source of energy and hence, the availability of carbs in this supplement provides your body the power you need during a workout and even after it.

0g Sugar

No artificial sweeteners added to this product, making the product even more generous and fit to consume.




8.5g of EAAs including 2.7g of BCAAs help gain muscle and keep the body in anabolic state even while at rest. 13.5g of carbs are provided by a scoop (30g) of protein powder.
Contains digestive enzymes to quickly breakdown protein, ease digestion, minimize bloating, and other digestive issues associated with high protein intake.
Delivers all the essential amino acids, including the branched-chain amino acids to assist in muscle growth & development, maintain muscle mass, and minimize muscle loss.
Ideal protein supplement for a beginner’s muscle building diet. It supports sustainable protein-release to meet your muscle’s protein need for several hours and help in post-workout recovery.

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