ManSure Men’s Reproductive Health Ayurvedic Supplement – 1 Box (100 capsules)

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Mansure is an ayurvedic formulation for men. Each box contains ten individually packed strips of 10 capsules each. Mansure is packed with rare ingredients trusted for thousands of years to give you effective results from six potent herbs: Konch beej (mucuna pruriens), also known as kapikacchu, kaunch, kavcha, aalukusi, atmagupta and cow-hage, is scientifically proven to ameliorate seminal plasma lipid peroxide levels along with improved reproductive count, quality and motility. Konch beej restores the level of sod, catalase, gsh and ascorbic acid in seminal plasma of men. Konch beej (m. Pruriens) in mansure is a potent restorative and invigorating agent for men which reactivates the anti-oxidant defense system and balances vata dosha to boost stamina and elevate mood and performance. Kaunch seeds are a herbal powerhouse that are effective in ksheenashukra, prabala prameha, veerya vardhana, pushti, bal, budhhi, vrushya and vatroga. Safed musli (chlorophytum borivilianum), also known as white musli, is a traditionally used herb for its benefits in male reproductive health. Safed musli is consists of saponins, carbohydrates, fiber, alkaloids and proteins that strengthen the immune system. Safed moosli in mansure acts as a shukraldravya as it improves the production and quality of shukradhatu.
Salab mishri (orchis latifolia) herbal antioxidant for vigor and vitality
Gokharu (tribulus terrestris) naturally increases lutropin/ luteinizing (lh)
Shatawar (asparagus racemosus) has high vitamin c to prevent oxidative damage, increase quality, volume and motility
100 capsules in each box, for effective results, take for ~3-4 months, mansure is a quality vegetarian ayurvedic product from wet and dry personal care and is shipped globally

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