Kapiva Aloe Vera + Garcinia Juice | Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Management and Detox | No Added Sugar (1L)

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Aloe Vera Garcinia JuiceAloe Vera Garcinia Juice

Aloe Garcinia JuiceAloe Garcinia Juice

Aloe vera garcinia JuiceAloe vera garcinia Juice

Aloe + Garcinia JuiceAloe + Garcinia Juice

How to ConsumeHow to Consume

Aloe Garcinia JuiceAloe Garcinia Juice

BOOSTS SKIN AND HAIR HEALTH: Being rich in water content, Aloe Vera improves hydration levels, keeping the skin supple and glowing. The alkaline pH of Aloe Vera initiates the process of detoxification, eliminating toxins thereby putting a check on pimples, acne and other skin outbreaks. Garcinia doesn’t allow the loosening of collagen, the protein which helps ward off wrinkles and ageing of skin. The enzymes in Aloe support cell regeneration, helping new hair growth
PULPY THAR ALOE, AND FRESH SMALL GARCINIA: We source the premium Aloe from Thar Desert, Rajasthan wherein the conditions are ideal for Aloe cultivation. We handpick the 3-year matured Aloe leaves and juice them within 4 hours of plucking to ensure no nutritional loss. We pick fresh and smaller Garcinia fruits with high HCA content, eliminate the seeds and use the pulp for making the juice. Both the juices are then mixed in right proportion to support skin goals and reduce your weight
UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY WITH NO ADDED SUGAR: Kapiva Aloe + Garcinia Juice deploys pulpy Aloe straight from Thar Desert and fresh and small Garcinia fruit for high HCA content as HCA is present on the peel of Garcinia. We juice the Aloe within 4 hours to ensure maximum nutrition retention. To this we add the Garcinia fruit pulp, minus the seeds. There’s no chemical processing involved, no added sugar or taste enhancer
NO NASTIES, FOR SURE: This juice contains no sugar, no artificial flavours, and no added colours. Our Aloe + Garcinia Juice is GMP certified, gluten free, is totally plant-based hence vegan and also keto friendly. We have packed one of the most nutritious Aloe and Garcinia for you in this bottle along with the pulp, colour and aroma, just the way nature intended! Mix 30ml of Aloe Vera + Garcinia Juice in 30ml water and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning

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