Itch Relief Octagon Traditional Korean Paper HANJI Patch After Bite Insect

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“IT WORKS !!! ”

This is a common feedback from customers who have used the product.

Don’t you trust the effects of this patch yet?

If so, check the truth in customer feedback.

No longer to be afraid of itching with mosquitoes or insect bites !!!
This product made by chance. But it is really one of the best inventions.

*Total Quantity : 270 Ea = 3 (Packs) X 5 (Sheets) X 18 (Ea)

√ UNIQUE PRODUCT IN THE WORLD : Research in Company with Tradition Korea Paper(HANJI) Professional Skills, Develop a Product. The One and Only Product in the World.
√ NATURAL MATERIAL : The Product is Made by Natural Material without Using chemicals. Passed the Test of National Laboratory, the Product is Harmless to the Human Body
√ SAFETY : Because Made of HANJI(paper), Well Ventilated,No Stress in the Skin. It does not Irritate the Skin of Young Children.
√ USAGE : In the Summer, Especially during Outdoor activities necessity. (Sports, camping, hiking, fishing, golf, etc.)

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