EZ Bites Relief Patch, 48 Counts, After-Bite Itch Relief, Natural Insec/t Bite & Sting Itch Relief, Naturally Reduces Itch & Swell, Kid Friendly, Chemical Free, Family Pack, Especially for Kids

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No Creams & Chemical Free
RELIEVE ITCH EFFECTIVELY: By removing the irritants, the itching and the swelling subsides much faster, and the body stops pain, itching or swelling.
NO SCRATCH JUST PATCH: Do not scratch the itchy bite area, or it becomes worse. Especially, children are with little tolerance and like to scratch it.
Kid Friendly & CHEMICAL FREE: Suitable for both adults and kids, with no creams or chemicals; Compact and lightweight, easy to carry.
Customer Service: 90-Day 100% Refund Guarantee with no excuses. 12-Month Warranty for return and exchange. For any issues, please contact us. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service, and we are always here to help and every problem will be solved time

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