Erencook 100PCS Moxibustion Patch Moxa Patch Pure Nature Cold Compress Treatment Moxa Sticker Foot Pads Chinese Traditional Paste Pain Relief Patch Hot Moxibustion Plaster Pain Relief Wormwood Sticke

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Please read the instructions carefully before using, or purchase and use them under the guidance of a physician

Instructions: for external use, this product is suitable for the application of closed soft tissues (around the shoulder, cervical vertebra, lumbar vertebra, joints, shoulder and lumbar leg) and other uncomfortable parts. The product is taken to remove the anti-sticky layer, and the paste surface is applied to the uncomfortable parts, which can be replaced every 12-24 hours (it can be adjusted according to the feeling) for 7-10 days as a treatment course

1. It’s not suitable for the skin which part injury, eczema, urticaria and wound festering.
2. It’s not suitable for pregnant women and their lactation period, infant and skin allergies.
3. Do not apply to sensitive skin.
4. Do not apply to the hair and areas easy to sweat to avoid shedding.
5. A few people will experience local itching or rash during use, which will not affect the use and will gradually disappear after discontinuation.
6. Children should be used under adult’s supervision.
7. This product is disposable for external use and not instead of medicine.

Storage: Sealed and store in a cold and dry place
Shelf life: 24months
Moxibustion Patch Chinese natural herbal medicine , Relieve lumbar, neck, leg pain,irregular menstruation,dysmenorrhea Have a good conditioning effect,pure herbs,no additives, no side effect.
Its self-healing, it can penetrate deeply into the muscle right where it hurts.The heat helps stretch the soft tissues, relax muscles, which promotes flexibility and helps to decrease stiffness.
All are Green and Healthy, Specially Formulated to Prevent and Treat pain. No side effects, Fast Acting, One sheet at a time, penetration force of up to 8 hours.
Pack include: 100X Moxibustion patch

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