AYURA ORIGINS – Nature’s Haemo Fix (200g) | Infused with Beetroot, Cloves, and Pepper | Iron Supplement for Better Haemoglobin Levels | Iron Supplement for Men and Women | Health Drink | 40 Servings

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AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Haemo Fix is a natural wellness dietary supplement to help those with a low haemoglobin count. This product helps in improving blood count and is made from beetroot powder and a selection of spices. Suitable for the full family, AYURA ORIGINS Nature’s Haemo Fix can be consumed daily as an iron rich supplement.
Improves Iron Absorption: This health supplement for men and women ensures that the body absorbs iron faster and more effectively. Iron, being an important component of haemoglobin, helps carry oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body.
Organic Beetroot Powder: As a haemoglobin bettering solution, this ayurvedic health mix is made using beetroot and a couple of spices. High in iron, beetroot contains folic acid, potassium, and fibre for combating fatigue and weakness.
Backed by Science: There are numerous studies highlighting the effect of beetroot, a natural source of iron, in improving haemoglobin levels. It may extend support in dealing with health conditions arising from iron deficiency.
About Ayura Origins: The philosophy of Ayura Origins is deeply rooted in traditional Ayurveda. By using medicinal plants, we are aiming to tackle a wide range of health issues naturally. Ayura Origin products are in compliance with the Wellversed Sustainable Supply Chain Framework (WSSCF).

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